As followers of Jesus, we wish that people who are running for a political office would act in a more Christ like manner. But to act Christ like, a person must first be a follower of Jesus and many politicians, sadly, are not. So, we are all relieved the election is over and the campaigning done! But as Believers, we are not done.

In the Bible, we are commanded to submit to and pray for those who are in civil leadership over us. And whether you liked the results or not, we must pray for those who lead us. We must also seek to change those who are not followers of Jesus through our prayers, our words and our actions.

Many Christians complained (I should say “most”) this year that there was not a Godly choice for the office of President. But now that Donald Trump (and I would have said the same thing if it had been Hillary Clinton or any other candidate) has been elected President of the United States of America, we must pray that he will follow God’s guidance as he seeks to united and lead a nation that is very divided and has been for decades. WE must also seek to repair the division in our country by reaching out to those who do not agree with us and work together to make this country whole once again!