Jesus discipled His followers in a small group of 12 and even 3 (Peter, James & John.) Since Jesus chose small groups for teaching Disciples, we are going to Follow Him!

Disciple Groups are now meeting. We have 3 groups for couples, 5 groups for women and 2 groups for men. If you did not signup but would like to join a Group, here are the leaders and times the Groups are meeting:

Leanne Bales (Women) – Mon. @ 7:00 PM Leanne’s Home

Matt Philbrick (Men) – Tues. @ 6:00 PM Dick Chaplin’s or Brad Pryor’s Home

Terri Sutton (Women) – Tues. @ 6:00 PM Beulah Brown’s Home

Jean Wright (Women) – Wed. @ 9:00 AM Jean’s Home

Bonnie Ellison (Women) – Thurs. @ 1:00 PM Bonnie’s Home

Ron Morecraft (Men) – Thurs. @ 7:00 PM Ron’s Home

Contact: Group Leader